Politim Interior Design was established in 2008 as an interior design project and product design company under the name of Hiyeldaim. With the expansion of its business capacity in different activities, Project Supervision and Project Management, Project Implementation and Construction Works, Facility Management business areas were added and today all activities are run under the umbrella company Politim Ltd. Sti.

We would like to detail the contents of the 4 main activities of our company that we have mentioned. Sample references for each field of activity are given, and you can access our detailed reference list and projects from our attached catalog and websites (www.hiyaldaim.com & www.politim.com).

– Interior Architecture Project Design

Our company ,headquartered in Bursa, undertakes interior design projects in Turkey and abroad under its brand HİYELDAİM. In addition to private housing projects, we have a wide range of portfolio including interior design of commercial areas, factory office and showroom designs and public projects. If requested, turnkey processes including architectural, electrical and mechanical projects are carried out under the leadership and experience of our company, together with our solution partners.

Reference Institutions; Grup Medika, Odyomed, DentPlus, Dr. Tahsin Demir, Dr. Hakan Ergüne, Sözal Kimya, Epsan Plastik, SF Sound and Lighting Systems, TOFAŞ A.Ş., Hantaş Tekstil, Mehmet Öztimur, Taşrsan İnşaat, Stable Mobile, Tahsin Tuğcu, Mabel A.Ş., Coats A.Ş., ParkORA AVM , Bursa Crowne Plaza, Sankurt A.Ş., Luemond Jewellery, Bargello, Naivia, Puca Art Gallery, Binnur Uyar Design Studio, Bood City Club, Bakery Burger, Qatar Masskar Hypermarket, GBC İnşaat A.Ş., Gaia Holiday Village, Halil Trading (Qatar), Alotaiba Group (Abu Dhabi), Anka Hearing Devices, Atış Yapı, ABA Demir Çelik A.Ş., Homelike, BEBKA, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Gürel İnşaat, KİKA, Adre Oyun Makine, SOVA Design, Özyıldırım Plastik, İnotek, Weteks, S.M.S. Textile, Ceylan Bread, Online Casino Studio


Reference Persons; Nuran-Adnan TAŞ, Elvan-Şahin Zeteroğlu, Özlem-Fatih Koştu, Meryem-Orhan Işık, Selim Arap, Ahmet Gelibolu, Faruk Şahin, Abdulkhliq Bindawood, Metin Ökmenli, Raed Halaveh, Gökçen Şahin, Hüseyin Sümer, Aslı-Murat Erbil, Murat Göl, Umut Yilmaz, Saner Belli, Selen-Başar Kizilkaya


– Project Supervision and Project Management

Supervision and/or project management services are provided for interior design projects or interior architectural projects whose application project has been completed by another interior architect/architect.

Supervision service consists of site visits and employer support in order to check that the interior design project is implemented in accordance with the project.

In addition to the supervision service, project management services include the execution of subcontractor and supplier relations in line with the employer’s budget and design projects, the budgeting of the project financing, and the delivery of the project to the employer in accordance with the work schedule.

Reference works; COATS INC. Nursery, Tayyare Cultural Center, Luemond Jewellery, Alotaiba Group (Abu Dhabi), Anka Hearing Aids Center


– Project Implementation and Construction Works

Interior decoration, landscaping, mechanical, electrical and construction works are carried out under the commitment of our company at unit prices or according to turnkey methods. You can see the images of our reference projects that we have completed together with our experienced solution partners which we have been working with for years,

Reference Works; Grup Medika, Odyomed, DentPlus Balat, Dr. Tahsin Demir Dental Clinic, Sözal Kimya, Epsan Plastik, Hantaş Tekstil Portable Office, Stable Mobile Vol.1, Stable Mobile Vol.2, Hantaş Tekstil, Naivia, Puca Art Gallery, Binnur Uyar Design Studio, Bood City Club, Selim Arap House, Elvan-Şahin Zeteroğlu House, Faruk Şahin İznik Lake House, Raed Halaveh Villa Gündoğdu, TOFAŞ A.Ş. Social Facilities and Children’s Playground, ABA Demir Çelik A.Ş. Factory Offices, Hüseyin Sümer Jewelery


– Facility Management

Our company started its facility management activities as of 2020, which is one of the sectors that can still be developed in Bursa, upon the requests from our clients. Currently, the facility management activities of a farmhouse are carried out by our company. Construction maintenance-repair services, security, cleaning, landscape maintenance, administrative relations and financial management services in addition to catering and event organisation services are provided.

Reference work; RH Villa Gundogdu.